A plant which is much more valuable than is commonly supposed is Justicia calycotricha. When cut the in florescence is most useful for vases, and it lasts in beauty a considerable time. The flowers are very numerous and of yellow color ; they do not individually last long, but open in succession. Not only is the corolla yellow, but also the calyx, which is formed with long slender lobes about equal to the corolla in length. These give a character to the inflorescence. In the Cambridge Botanic Garden this plant forms quite a useful and ornamental feature in the stove. There it grows in the soil beneath the stage and pipes, quite hiding the latter with luxuriant foliage. Hundreds of flower heads have been produced during several weeks, and almost always it may be found in bloom. It grows better as above situated than in pots. If pot culture is desired the chief consideration is to overcome so far as possible its naturally tall habit. To this end it should be cut back periodically, and to form a specimen several may be planted together in a pot. It is fond of moisture, and to produce the best result strong shoots must be grown for flowering. This is the Justicia flavicoma of Lindley, under which name it is sometimes known.

It is a native of Brazil. - Journal of Horticulture.