"H.," Oakland, Cal., writes : " We forward you by mail a few specimens of the Kelsey's Japan plum, a fruit just coming into notice in this State, and is considered here as of great promise. This plum is one of several varieties imported from Japan in 1876, by Mr. John Kelsey, of Berkeley, California, on whose place,it has fruited for four years, being the only one of the varieties imported which has proved a success. During this time it has proven to be a very prolific and regular bearer, and a very marketable fruit. It is a remarkably long keeper, making it valuable as a shipping fruit".

[These came before the letter. On opening the box it appeared to contain huge Stanwick nectarines. The weight of an average one was three and one-half ounces. The flesh was firm and the flavor admirable. If it prove adapted to our climate; there can be no doubt of the great value of the introduction. - Ed. G. M].