It is common in England for lovers of plant culture to try their skill in plant growing on the common cockscomb. At exhibitions there are often large numbers for competition, and much more interest is shown in learning who has the largest cockscombs, than we show in discovering who has the largest pumpkin. The past season Messrs. Veitch, the nurserymen of Chelsea, are credited with the largest grown in England. It was 2 feet 9 inches from tip to tip, and 18 inches in its greatest breadth.



Usually the flowers of the cockscomb are of a crimson, velvety color, but of late years some have been introduced of a yellow and orange, mottled with the purple.

Annexed is a cut of a new one introduced by the celebrated seed firm of Haage & Schmidt, of Erfurt, and which may, no doubt, be had of any of our leading seedsmen the coming spring. It is known in the lists as "Celosia President Thiers".