This seems to be very popular in Florida. It is being extensively planted there, and the older plantings producing profitable crops. It seems also to be holding its own in Georgia. Up to July 6th, one firm at Thomasville had shipped twenty-three bushels to New York.

"H.," Montgomery, Ala., says: "Will you please give your opinion of the qualities of the Le Conte pear in the next issue of the Monthly".

[The Le Conte is a very good flavored pear, paler and somewhat narrower than the Kleffer. Like that, and indeed all other pears, there is a difference in quality according to the part of the tree the fruit is taken from. When from a very weak branch, or from a tree which is allowed to bear too freely, it is poor enough. Like Mother Goose's little girl, " when she was good she was good, but when she was bad, she was horrid." The Le Conte and Kleffer are very poor trash when ripened under unfavorable circumstances. - Ed. G. M].