This rose we believe was raised by Mr. Koch, florist, of Baltimore, in the usual way that new roses are raised. He will no doubt be amused at the following account of his efforts, as given in the Philadelphia Press:

"'Cornelia Cook' is another very beautiful specimen of the flower queen. This species is quite a recent addition to the variety, and was forced by judicious transplanting and grafting. It is of a creamy white color, large and full, and also worth fifty cents apiece. Quite a little romance, so I was told, is connected with its name, A young florist was deeply in love with a beautiful young girl named Cornelia, and was engaged to be married to her. However, she sickened and died a few days prior to the wedding. The heart-broken lover was almost distracted with grief, and spent hours at her grave transforming the grassy mound into a bower for Titania. In life the young lady had a delicate creamy complexion, and the lover determined to produce a rose which would remind him of his lost one. After repeated failures with different plants, he at last succeeded, and christened the graceful blossom Cornelia Cook. Sometimes it is called ' Love's Last Gift.' "