A special bulletin, prepared by Prof. C. S. Sargent, has been issued by the Census Bureau upon the lumber interests of the United States. According to this statement there were in active operation at the time of taking the census 25,708 establishments, with an invested capital of $181,-188,122. The total number of hands employed was 147,956, and the annual disbursement for wages $31,845,974. The total value of all products from this source was $233,317,729. Although it has been supposed that Pennsylvania's lumber interests had declined very materially within the last decade, this State stands second in the list in regard to value of manufactured lumber, Michigan alone exceeding her. Wisconsin stands third, New York fourth, Indiana fifth, Ohio sixth, and Maine seventh. At the present rate of manufacture the next census will witness a very marked falling off in the lumber production, for the very good reason that the forests will be largely exhausted in many States unless, as there is every reason to hope from the attention now given to the subject of forestry, new forests shall be extensively planted to replace the old ones.