Magnesian Limestone

Can any reader n-form "C." whether there is any kind of soil on which magnesian limestone is better than limestone free of magnesia ? As a general thing, "C." has found magnesian limestone worse than no lime at all.

Bottling Grapes

Some late Grapes, Black Alicante for instance, have the bunch so close to the old wood that, no matter how closely the young wood may be cut in, there is often not enough wood to insert into the neck of the bottle and allow of the bunch hanging clear. In such cases the wood above the bunch may be inserted instead, and it will be found to answer equally well, as we have proved. All fresh cuts should be dressed with shellac. - Garden.

Fruit Culture In England

This is receiving much more attention than it once did. The Garden notes that at a recent exhibition over 200 plates of apples were presented, and it justly remarks that at least as many premiums should be offered for fruit as for potatoes.

Deterioration Of The Strawberry

Many of -the Ohio fruit growers believe that the continual propagation from runners of any one variety, will induce it to run out in time. We do believe that when once a bed of strawberries has the spotted leaf, or other disease, continual propagation from these will soon cause a variety to dwindle away. No strawberry should be propagated from plants which have spotted leaves.

Storing Apples

In England, apples are stored on shelves in fruit rooms above ground. The Garden says that experiments have been made there with the American plan of keeping them in barrels, and the American plan is found to be the best.

An Aesthete In Pear Flavor

One "Wiltshire Rector" complains in an English periodical that the Seckel Pear has a " vulgar sweet taste." It is a pity there should be so many vulgar people.

Vital Power In Fruit Trees

How much vital power has to do with ability to resist unfavorable circumstances is well shown by Mr. Barry in his presidential address to the Western New York Horticultural Society. While younger trees resisted the severe winter of 188J-81, whole orchards of older trees were totally destroyed in Western New York.

Raby Castle Red Currant

Have any of our readers had the chance to judge of the real merits of this variety ?

Soil For Peas

Rich soil is not essential to a good pea crop, though little can be made of them in what would be called poor ground. Nor does the pea like wet ground. But it likes ground that is moderately rich, and in situations where the sun does not pour.