This society continues in a prosperous condition, the exhibitors and visitors at the meeting being numerous, and the articles exhibited evidencing high skill. Mr. Robert J. Halliday contributes $100 in premiums of $10 each, $50 twice a year, to be competed for wholly by the gardeners of amateurs. Three of these were competed for at the April show. Mr. F. B. Carroll, gardener to W. H. Perot, gaining one for Azaleas; W. D. Hamilton, Patterson Park, foliage plants; and Wm. Smith, gardener to R. W. L. Raisin, table design.

This body is exercising a highly beneficial influence on the community. The American Farmer says : "In another direction the Society has shown the ascendancy of correct ideas by moving for the abolition of the old iron railings, which so long disfigured the public squares in Baltimore, and by encouraging their adornment by the planting of shrubbery and the formation of beds of flowering and foliage plants in the stead of the former unbroken greensward and too thickly planted trees. Private taste has responded to the public examples thus offered, and on every side, specimens of good taste in planting may be seen. Window gardening yearly increases, and many greenhouses have been and are in course of erection, whose owners imbibed their love of plant forms by contemplating their beauties at the Society's shows".