By Prof. Al-phonse DeCandolle. The publication committee of the "Archives de Sciences de la Bibliotheque Uni-verselle" have published in their May number, a paper by DeCandolle on " Darwin considered in the aspect of the causes of his success, and the importance of his labors "which may be classed as among the most eloquent of the many tributes to this remarkable man, who, considered at first as the enemy of all religion, came in the end to be so highly venerated as to be buried in Westminster Abbey, amid solemn religious services, followed to the grave by a long course of English clergymen, who sincerely expressed their deep sorrow for the world's great loss. The fixity of species, which before his time few dared question, has been entirely annihilated and chiefly by the courageous devotion of Darwin to his work. There are few living scientific men, who receive new views with more caution than DeCandolle, and it must be regarded as among the triumphs of Darwinism, that such an eminent man is found among Darwin's warm eulogists.