"D. G.," Poughkeepsie, N. Y, says: "The Monthly, I suppose, can give us the right name for the plant of which I send you today a branch. We called it 'Nandine,' but are not sure if it is the plant. Like most of the old plants most of the gardeners don't get the right name".

[This is correctly named. Nandin is the native Chinese or Japanese name, and Thunberg, in his Flora Japonica, adopts Nandine domestica as given by "Hornstedt's Dissertation on New Plants," a work we have never seen, and which seems to be "domestic" only because, according to Thunberg, it is everywhere popular in town gardens. It belongs to the Berberry family, though it has nothing of the look of a Berberry bush. It ought to be hardy from the central United States south, though we do not know of any experiments made with it. - Ed. G. M].