"Mrs. M. P., Jr.," Lynn, Mass., remarks : " I have been much interested in the discussion of a 'blue bedder' in the later numbers of the Monthly. I can indorse all that W. Robertson says of the Ageratum 'John Douglass,' in the April number, having tried it in different situations during the past summer. Its dwarf, compact growth and continuous bloom rank it as a first class bedder. But the question I want to ask is : Is it blue? Put it beside the heliotrope and it seems the same color to me only a lighter shade. Contrast it with the brow-allia, it looks a decided purple, while browallia is a 'true blue.' Am I right ?"

[Certainly. We have seen American flags in which the blue was the color of the Eupatorium, but they had run through a long campaign in more senses than one. - Ed. G. M].