I send a few notes of fine specimens I saw at Los Angeles: Laurustinus, 5 feet, 7 years old; Camphor tree, 15 feet, 7 years; Monterey cypress, 30 feet high, 15 in. diameter at base, 6 years from seed, one of the finest things I ever saw, so perfectly symmetrical inform; Araucaria Bidwilli, 15 feet; Pritchardia filamentosa, 3 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, 10 years old; Cryptomeria elegans, very fine; Grevillea, 30 feet; Dracaena terminalis, 10 feet; Grape myrtle, 10 feet; Pomegranate, 12 feet, height of trunk to lower branches, 4 feet. Araucaria a most lovely evergreen ; Deodar cedar. Cryptomeria is beautiful in winter, becoming every shade of brown.

Hakea australis, brilliant flower like a scarlet tassel. Date palm, 15 feet high. Myoporum, 20 feet high, 6 years from seed, magnificent glossy foliage. Acacia multigonum, 25 feet, lovely; has been covered with flowers. Lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora). 12 feet high. Erica, 12 feet, covered with white flowers in winter, a few only in July.