Anticipating "C. H. S.'s" reply to the inquiry of " F," regarding the treatment of the above, permit me to say that there have been two distinct plants offered by the importers as Odont-oglossum Cervantesii the past season. The first with light, pea green, soft, roundish, wrinkled pseudo bulbs was not true, but was Odontoglossum nebulosum, and identical with the O. nebulosum imported by the same party two years ago. The true O. Cervantesii imported by the same firm subsequently, has small, rather dark green, flask-shaped pseudo bulbs, often spotted with brown near top, and resembling in growth and inflorescence, Odont. Rossii. This is scarce and rare, but much easier to grow and flower than O. nebulosum, not being as impatient of any excess of moisture or of sun heat. I have it with flower spikes soon to bloom. I have not succeeded in blooming O. nebulosum. All the Trichopilia suavis I have seen were either touched with frost before arrival and subsequently perished, or excessively dry. The latter are now coming out well, thanks to good care and generous treatment. It is perfectly wonderful what a drying and wasting away some of these epiphytes can survive.

There are said to be two varieties of Trichopilia tortilis, and I supposed I had both the summer and the winter blooming varieties ; but I find that by the same treatment the plants that bloomed for the past two summers are in bloom this winter also, and I conclude the difference is only due to the date of importation. Some varieties are more distinctly marked than others, however.


Trichopilia suavis and T. tortilis are best grown in pots, in a mixture of sphagnum and peat, in a house ranging from 50° to 60° in the winter. Odontoglossum Cervantesii is best grown on blocks, in about the same temperature in winter, but in summer grown in a north house and always kept wet. I have a number of these now coming in flower under this treatment. I would like to know if " C. H. S." has grown any of these plants, under tree in the open air, and how they have succeeded?