A correspondent of the Journal of Horticulture gives the experience below in regard to out-door mushroom beds. It should be remembered that these beds are in ridges and kept shaded by straw, and that they succeed only when the temperature can be maintained steadily at about 60°; above or below this success is doubtful :

" As showing that mushrooms can be grown outdoors with some approach to regularity, and that a good crop is not a matter of chance, I will adduce the latest records of the yield from 150 yards of beds - namely, during last month. The following are the dates of gathering and the quantities sold : - April 1st, 122 lbs.; 4tn, 73 lbs.; 6th, 114 lbs.; 8th, 108 lbs.; 11th, 160 lbs. ; 13th, 104 lbs.; 15th, 159 lbs.; 18th, 207 lbs ; 20th, 180 lbs ; 22d,1801bs.; 25th, 150 lbs.; 27th, 222lbs.; 29tb,221 lbs.; or a total of 2.000 lbs. This is a perfectly fair example of ordinary practice. I may also add that one bed 25 yards long yielded in the same month 529 lbs. during three weeks - namely, 159 lbs. one week, 180 lbs. the next, and 170 lbs. last week.