R. B. Warder writes; "And has it come to this that even so high-toned a journal as the Gardener's Monthly lends its aid to the popular delusion that sulphurous acid gas ' is simply and purely ozone, as produced and applied by an entirely new process?' The real character of the ' ozone' advertised so widely was described in the Cincinnati Commercial and Gazette of the 23d inst. I may send you a copy".

[The editor is not responsible for what appears in the advertising columns. Even if he had been, he should probably have [been no wiser than the publisher; for he has to confess that he did not know that the material offered was simply sulphurous acid disguised, until this note of Professor Warder directed his attention to the proceedings of the Cincinnati Academy of Sciences. There certainly is nothing on the face of the advertisement to indicate any more fraud than in the average of " patent" stuff, which we are sorry to say, high-toned papers must advertise, so long as thousands of high-toned people are willing to use and want to buy. High-toned papers only advertise what they are convinced high-toned people want to get. Professor Warder and the Academy of Sciences deserve public thanks for their services in this matter. The reading columns of the Gardener's Monthly are always open to this good work,whether the vile stuff happens to sneak into the advertising columns of this paper or not.

Publishers are but fallible men, and are liable to be imposed upon as well as any other member of the community. - Ed. G. M].

*Me pinguem et nitidum bene curata cute vises, ----------------Epicuri de grege porcum. Hor. Ep. 1-4:16.