This Society, after a struggle of twenty-two years with a limited name, becomes the "Pennsylvania State Horticultural Association." Under its old. name it was found next to impossible to interest the general public in its real work. At the recent meeting in Harrisburg, there was scarcely more than a dozen of the citizens at the meeting, outside of the very large attendance of members from other parts of the State. The general belief was that a " Fruit Growers' Society " was a body of men who met together to groan over the prospective short crop of peaches which never occurred, but served to put up prices on the down-trodden consumer ; or similar " shop " work. The Society has always embraced among its objects everything which tended to make the garden not only more profitable, but more lovable, and in the pursuit of these objects it will not at least be burdened in the future with a name which misrepresented it before the best classes in the community.