Poverty And Productiveness

A correspondent of the Naturalist quotes Thome as saying,"As poverty of the soil leads to abortion so an unusual increase in the development of the axial or foliar organs is the result of too powerful nutrition." The connection between the two propositions is not clear. Poverty of the soil, as pov erty among human beings, often leads to productiveness as well as to sterility.

A New Guess At Drift Deposits

A newspaper says that Mr. Ignatius Donnelly, of Minnesota, is about to publish a work showing that the drift formations are not the result of glacial action, but have been deposited on the earth when it was going through a comet's tail! We suppose books like these will have a wide sale, and probably not one of the thousands who read will reflect that the tail is transparent and that the head of the comet is always in a direct line with the tail to the sun.

The Sugar Maple Borer

We noticed a number of fine trees of the Sugar Maple totally destroyed, and others dying in Rochester from the attacks of the AEgeria acerina, a near relative of the peach borer. It was the first instance under our own observation of such severe destruction by this insect.

Residence Of W. B. Dinsmore

Mr. Bourge-vin's account in another column will be found delicious reading for those who love gardening. It appeared originally in the Kingston, Freeman, but Mr. V. rightly judged it would be acceptable here, and we are obliged by his thoughtfulness in sending it to us.

Transactions Of The Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Part II., 1882. This has been too long on our table waiting an examination. As usual it is filled with good things. We learn that the income of the society, in 1881, was $25,108. The library of the society is of great value. Its present value is given as $20,-746. The society has a debt of $84,000, but it is worth some $281,000.


The eighth decade of the Eucalypts of Australia, by Dr. F. V. Muller, of Melbourne, has just appeared. The kinds now figured and described are Eucalyptus cor-data, erythronema, gamophilla, macrocarpa, Preissiana, pruinosa, pulverulenta, pyriformis, 8antalifolia, sepulcralis.

Tenth Cincinnati Industrial Exposition Programme Of The Horticultural Department

This is one of the best conducted and most useful of all our annual horticultural exhibitions, and it deserves the support of exhibitors from all parts of the United States. The premiums are liberal and the judgments have always been regarded as intelligent and fair. The exhibition in this department will be this year, from September 6th to October 7th. Different things on different days. Charles H. Law, Chairman of Committee, Cincinnati, will send programmes.