Prentiss Grape

Mr. Hubbard sends sample of the Prentiss grape. The bunches and berries are about the size of Clinton, but much more close and compact. The color is amber green. The skin is thick, and this should render it an admirable shipping and preserving kind.

Preserving Hot House Grapes

The writer found among the gardeners in Canada, when in that country recently, that the English plan of preserving grapes in bottles of water was in not uncommon use. The bunches are cut with pieces of stems, and then so arranged that the ends are in bottles of water. By this plan the grapes can be preserved far into the spring sea-son.

Yellows In The Peach

The knowledge which those who have made a special study of the matter are sure of, that the peach yellows is caused by fungus growths, seems now to be coming into general acceptance. Secretary Garfield, of the Michigan Society, writes: "The peach yellows is gradually working northward. A few 'sporadic cases ' have been announced as far north as northern Ottawa and Kent; but there is a united feeling among peach growers that every case must be stamped out at sight".


Among the vegetables offered by Messrs. Vilmorin, of Paris, is one called "Hedgehog," which is described as Hedysarum crista-galli. By the common name, which is English, it must be an English vegetable - but it is not in use in our country that we know of. Does any one know anything of it here? Belonging to the leguminous family the bean or pod is probably the part used.

The Alexander Peach

This American variety is pronounced the best of all the early varieties so far tested in England. It seems to grow quite large in their peach houses - usually about nine inches round. The Florist and Pomologist gives a handsome colored plate of it in its September issue.

Niagara Grape

It has always seemed that as apples are divided into the sweet and the sour class, so also ought the grape to be divided into those which are pleasantly tart, and those which have a honeyed sweetness. If such an arrangement should be adopted the Niagara would be found in the last class. We have a basket of these. It is a very fine kind both in bunch and berry, color white, and flavor very sweet.

Succession Of Forests

Just now the most exciting topic in European forestry circles is whether a natural succession is more profitable than to wholly plant a new one. So far as we have followed the discussion, the artificials have the best of the argument. The discussion has great interest to Americans, where the forest succession is an important matter.