It is a nice thing to have peaches to sell when your neighbor has not any. The winter of 1880-81, which destroyed so many fruit buds, made a fortune for the owner of trees which escaped and thus furnished a new illustration of the old story about the bad wind. Last autumn, Mr. Aaron Rhodes, of Highland, received $721 from ninety-five Stevens Rareripe, set out in the spring of 1879. The number of baskets was 143 - being a trifle over $5 each. One shipment, October 6th, 14 baskets, (14 quarts each basket) brought just $100 as follows, one basket $8, two baskets $7.20 each, 11 baskets at $7 each. Mr. Rhodes has 650 trees which cleared $3,300. Mr. Charles Downing, struck by the figures, made some inquiries and has reason to believe that they are strictly correct.