A correspondent of the Western Rural protects peach trees as we recently recommended Figs to be protected : "I have also good success raising peaches in a similar manner. Last season, after the hard winter of 1881, the mercury going down to thirty-six degrees below zero, I had as fine peaches as I ever saw in the Chicago market, ripe by the first of August. I set out one-year old trees from the bud, and in the fall before the ground freezes up I dig on one side of the tree, cutting some of the roots, and taking out some of the dirt from under the body of the tree, so that it will bend down to the ground. Then I peg it down, cover the roots well with dirt, and then the whole tree with a good covering of straw, or marsh hay, replacing it in the spring in its proper position, after the danger of frost is over. I have trees treated in this manner twelve feet high that bear a good crop every year. My soil is a sandy loam".