A note on this deciduous tree may not be out of place now that the planting season has arrived. It is surprising it is not more planted, and would be perhaps if it was more generally known. It grows into a shapely tree when sufficient room is allowed it to develop naturally. This Pyrus attains a large size, and would be suitable for planting in any position singly. When in flower during the month of May a good tree is very beautiful, being covered with its snow white flowers. It appears to thrive well in smoky positions, and cannot be very particular about soil, as it grows here freely in poor soil. When in flower this season the bloom was severely injured by frost, but in spite of this it is bearing a good crop of fruit. The tree fruits annually without fail. The fruits, however, are of no service or beauty, but as a flowering tree it is worthy of a •►place, and is quite distinct in the foliage from other trees. The great freedom with which it fruits annually has impressed upon my mind that it would in all probability prove a good stock for some Pears. I shall be glad to know if it has been tried, and if so with what results. - Journal of Horticulture.