Mrs. S. E. B., Houston, Texas, writes : " Please be so kind as to give me the name of the shrub - spray enclosed. I wish to buy one and do not know the name to order. A friend has it here, and so far I have failed to grow cuttings from the young wood. The plant, four feet high and the same in diameter, is certainly a thing of beauty".

[Although this plant has the rather hard name we have given at the head of the paragraph, it would perhaps be called "Evergreen June-berry" if it were grown in the North, where the Amelanchier or Indian cherry is so well known by this name. It is not far removed, botanically, from this plant, the very sweet, hawthorn-like flowers being in similar racemes with the addition of a tinge of rose at the base of each. In the South, however, it flowers as early as January or February, and is among the most prized of dwarf evergreens, wherever there is little frost. It is a native of China, and the temperate parts of the East Indies. - Ed. G. M].