Prof. Bailey, Brown University, Providence, R. I., notes : "The real name of the so called Rhyncospermum jasminoides mentioned in April number of the Monthly, is Parechites, and it belongs to the Apocyriaceae. The name Rhyncospermum now belongs to a genus of Compositae, which I need not say is wholly different in appearance and structure. The Parechites grow well here, and there are five old specimens in several of our hothouses. I have used it for years in my classes, with vinea, to illustrate its order".

[De Candolle's plant - the Composite - is Ryn-cospermum, not Rhyncospermum. Aside from this is not our plant rather Trachelospermum than Parechites? Not having had the opportunity to settle these points, we have been in the habit of using the nursery name of Rhyncospermum provisionally. - Ed. G. M].