These suffered severely during the times when business generally was depressed, and it was pleasant to find during a hasty visit to the flower city recently that, though no new firm had ventured into business, the older ones were in a measure prospering. Some grounds are scattered, and cannot easily be reached by a hurried circuit, but the writer managed to make brief calls on Ellwanger & Barry, Gould Brothers, W. H. Little, H. E. Hooker, and the great seed firms of Vick and Hiram Sibley, all of whom seem to be prospering. H. E. Hooker has been prostrated by the blow that compelled Vick and Stone to give way, but he was able to be out for the first time on the day of our call. We have to go to press so soon after the editor's return, and there has been little time to write much since; but he hastens to thank the numerous friends he found there for the many kind attentions everywhere offered him.