"J. H. C," Strathroy, Ontario, writes : "Enclosed you will find a photograph of the geranium White Vesuvius, grown in my greenhouse, giving a sprout from the main stem, and producing a perfect head of bright scarlet flowers, thus giving on the same plant a truss of pure white and scarlet flowers on the one plant; showing a strange, and may be uncommon, occurrence in the general culture or reproduction of nature; showing as Mr. Cannell, of Swanley, Kent, England says, the White Vesuvius was a sport of the Scarlet Vesuvius, which in this case has returned back to its original".

[These cases are not uncommon, but no one has been able to tell how the change is brought about. Chemical science can tell us how to make colors in dead matter, but in living things the law of color is not known. Simply that it is a case of reversion is all that can be said. - Ed. G. M].