A Bucks Co., Pa., correspondent says : "The 'strong' method of grafting is at hand just in time for trial this season. I think with the editor that it is a very strong method indeed. That it has never been used before is very problematical, but should it have been discovered fifty times, none the less credit is due the present inventor. Such things sometimes remain dormant for a long time before they come to the surface. Here is a case in point. I have some screws in my possession, common wood screws, that I can trace back to about forty-three or forty-four years. They are of Chinese make and are gimlet-pointed. It is not at all unlikely that the pattern has been in use in China for 1,000 years, perhaps much longer, and yet how many millions have been made in the United States alone, on the patents taken out for that invention, say within the last thirty years or thereabout? " I have seen no account yet of damage done by the late frost on the 1st, 2d and 3rd of May. It was quite heavy here.

At sunrise the ground was white, and ice one-eighth of an inch on the 3d. Cherries were only in full blossom yesterday (5th). I think I have known them out more than a month earlier".