In conversation to-day with a farmer friend, I got from him what I think every planter should know. As he is a reliable' man, I give you his statement, believing you will confer a favor on many of your readers by publishing it:

Gas tar water sure death to potato bugs- Mr. S. R. Hart, of Brighton, N. Y., near Rochester, has for two years past used on his potato vines water which has been impregnated with gas tar. Two quarts of gas tar in a pail, and fill the pail with water; stir it up well, and let the tar settle. Then sprinkle the vines with the water from a sprinkling pot. This has proven more effective than Paris green. He has also tried it on currant bushes, and finds it equally effective. It is inexpensive and perfectly reliable, and no doubt will prove equally sure death to insects of every kind on trees. This gas tar can be had for $1.00 a barrel, and one barrel would supply a whole township. I give you this information, believing your readers will find it a great desideratum in these days of insect pests.