In a prominent catalogue just issued we read :

"'I have eaten fruit of Kleffer's Hybrid that was equal in luscious richness to any pear I ever ate. 1 have never tasted a bad or indifferent pear of this kind. Every one was delicious. I regard it as the most wonderful production of the age, and the beginning of a new era in pear culture. As yet no case of blight on Kleffer has been known.' Also, 'Imagine the old Sand pear tree with its vigorous growth and ornamental foliage, loaded with pears as beautiful as the finest Flemish Beauties, and you can form some faint idea of the wonderful appearance of this tree.' - 'Thomas Meehan, Editor Gardener's Monthly".

If the date had been given to the above, there could be no cause to comment; but our readers know that during the few past years the giver of that opinion then, has since recorded cases of absolutely worthless Kleffer pears, and also instances where the tree has suffered severely from the genuine fire-blight. "As yet," in that statement, was not intended to mean 1882.