Once on a time there was a great fruit growers' convention, and a great fruit grower gave his opinion that so long as a strawberry was big, and bore abundant crops, the public did not care whether it was sour or sweet, as they had to put sugar with even the best. It was a surprise to a few of the hearers that this sentiment was applauded. The true flavor of a strawberry will always tell even through the thickest saccharine disguise, and thus the best judges continue to take in true strawberry sweetness among their "points" in pomological decisions.

In a letter from Col. Wilder, overflowing with his old-time enthusiasm, he describes his tests among the strawberries this season, and regards the three best flavored fruits, among sixty kinds, as Duncan, Triple-Crown and Wilder. He also has a good word for Sharpless and Bidwell.