I wish to call attention to the free blooming qualities of the Double Carolina Jasmine (Gel-semium nitidum flora pleno) which was partially described in the Gardener's Monthly of June, 1881. My old plant - which is now some ten or twelve years old and completely covers one end and a half of the top of a frame twelve feet by sixty, and seven feet high, erected as a half shade for such plants as in our climate require to be protected from our scorching summer suns - has been blooming at intervals pretty nearly all summer, and now, while still presenting a few open flowers, is literally filled with young flower buds in all stages of growth. I send you a sprig of the vine that you may see for yourself. I am satisfied in my own mind, from present indications, that it will continue to bloom until checked by a freeze, and that under protection would continue still to bloom during the whole winter. This will greatly increase its value to florists and others who need flowers of its color (a beautiful canary) for their winter work.

I am sorry that I did not know this earlier that I might by this time have had a strong plant of it under glass.