We could not forbear enjoying the little joke which the Farm Journal suggested when referring to a paper by the writer of this to the Germantown Telegraph, "that there were some persons who loved to write in order to hear themselves talk." It was not our funeral, and we thought we might laugh. As, however, our contemporary seems a little hurt at the liberty we took with it, in justice we append the explanation it offers :

"Judging from an item in the September number, the Gardener's Monthly harbors the thought that the Farm Journal is unfriendly to it, and to its editor. Such is not the case. We entertain feelings of the highest respect for Thomas Meehan, and have not, as he implies, made any uncivil flings at him, knowingly, except possibly in one instance, and we regret having done that. He may be unjust to us; we shall not be to him; and this is all we have to say in the matter".