Some months since we made note of a reported variety of cotton raised between the okra and true cotton. This news was thought important enough to be sent to every leading paper through the medium of the Associated Press dispatches, a reputable organization for collecting news, or it would not have been thought worth repeating in these pages. As then said in our note, it is not impossible that a hybrid might be obtained between two genera as closely related as these. In Gesneraceae such genera have become badly mixed. In this case it was simply a question of fact against an improbability. We wrote to the Mr. Subers, of Macon, Ga., for a sample of his hybrid cotton, and such information about the manner of his procedure in crossing as we could have for our readers. No answer has been received, and we feel bound, therefore, to suppose that the story is nonsense, and the Associated Press owes its reputation to inquire into the imposition practiced on it. We would suggest that that " news" agent be changed. '