The March exhibition was well sustained by exhibits, and the attendance was highly encouraging. Azaleas and Orchids, seem to have been the chief attraction, though Roses, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Pansies, Primulas, Iris, Cyclamens, Violets, Heaths, Cinerarias, and innumerable other pretty things gave a good account of themselves. M. P. Wilder is still as ever actively engaged in sustaining the good work. He had thirty varieties of Azaleas there. Among the exhibitors, were F. B. Hayes, W. J. Voss, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Wood, Hovey & Co., Edwin Forbes, Rodney Wallace, Josiah Comley, W. Patterson, Mrs. Pauline Durant, John L. Gardner, John B. Moore, F. L. Ames, C. B. Gardner, John E. Pea-body, Mrs. Wood, James O'Brien, Josiah Crosby, Henry B. Comley, Warren Fenno, A. S. Mcintosh, C. E Grant. We give these names of exhibitors as showing how well meetings are sustained.