A lecture on the best methods of teaching. By Dr. W. J. Beal, Professor of Botany in the Agricultural College, Lansing, Mich.

Neither botany nor horticulture is what it was a half century ago. True gardening in these days embraces a knowledge of flowers to an extent that makes the gardener really a botanist, while botany is a great deal more than a mere classification of a lot of dried sticks. In the new order of things botany deals with plant-life, just as gardening does. Few have done so much, probably no one has done more to make botany popular than Professor Beal. In this lecture he tells how he does it. No better service could be. rendered to botanists and gardeners than to have this lecture in the hands of every teacher. We hope it will have a wide circulation.

By Prof. W. J. Seal. Professor Beal is one of the best of our modern collegiate teachers of botany, and a lecture which he gave on the best method of teaching the science, given before the Michigan State Teachers' Association, and noted in our columns at the time, has been widely commended. To meet the demand for it Mr. C. H. Marot, of the Gardener's Monthly, has issued an edition which has been revised by Prof. Beal, and which can be had from the office at twenty-five cents each.