The Progress Of Refinement

At a recent convention of undertakers it was resolved that in future their business shall be known as that of "Funeral Directors." Mr. Albaugh suggests that nurserymen must not drag too far after aesthetic improvement, and that John Smith should announce himself as "Arboreal Manipulator".

Hide-Bound Beings

Dr. Beadle suggests that if slitting the bark of hide-bound trees be conceded to be good practice, it might be extended to those hide-bound dogs and cats which in Canada, and sometimes elsewhere, will keep tired horticulturists awake o' nights listening to their unwelcome songs.

The Blood Leaved Peach

This interesting variety, so long known here, is just being appreciated in the Old World.

Florida Yellow Water Lily

The Nym-phaea flava, found a few years ago by Mrs. Treat, in Florida, has been found by Mr. Falconer to remain out all winter and flower the past summer in the botanic garden at Cambridge. He tells the Country Gentleman that the flowers are larger than those we get from pot plants ; they rise some six to nine inches above the water, open about eight to nine o'clock in the forenoon, and close between three and five in the afternoon. They open again on the second day, but not after that.


Most of the grape houses erected of late years have not sufficient ventilation, the old style of houses being far better off in this respect, especially where early fruit is not desired, and also when the fruit is to be kept on the vine for daily use. The varying shade cast by the deep rafters and woodwork kept both foliage and fruit in better condition than by the modern fixed roof style of house.

Watering And Syringing

Syringing must be done frequently from the start till the vines commence to bloom, but watering must be attended to at least twice a week, and then no homoeo pathic dose, but a thorough soaking, and along till the grapes begin to color. Syringing must be performed every evening in good weather, until the grapes begin to swell off for coloring.


Thinning the bunches, and also the berries, is very important, as on severe thinning depends, in a great degree, color, size, and with good ventilation, flavor also.

Varieties To Plant

The Muscat of Alexandria, Black Hamburgh and Black Prince, for productiveness, flavor and other good qualities, stand highest in the list of varieties; in fact, most of the others with high sounding names are hardly worth culture, many of our native varieties being superior in every respect.