The road wound up from the green meadows through a park-like region, shaded in many places by groups of Redwood, or Sequoia sempervirens, a very elegant Conifer, peculiar to the coast range of California. A further interest attaches to it from the fact that this name was given to it before the discovery of the so called Wellingtonia, which was properly named Sequoia gigantea by the botanists, on account of its near resemblance to the S. sempervirens. The original name was given in honor of a peculiarly intelligent half-bred Cherokee Indian, who was called Sequoyah ; he had, among other things, devised something of an alphabet and written language for his tribe, and was therefore called by an American punster "the best red (read) man out." Such is the origin of the received scientific name of the big trees, as they are universally called in their own country; and we can hardly complain if the Americans are unwilling to designate one of the greatest of their own national wonders by the name of a British hero. - "Over the Sea and Far Away," by T. W. Hinchliff, MA., F.R.G.S.