The passage "Mary Ann" would seek from Spencer, is this :

"Eternal God, in his almightie power To make ensample of his heavenly grace, In Paradize whylome did plant this flowers; Whence he it fetched out of her Dative place, And did in stocke of earthly flesh enrace.

That mortal man his glory should admyre In gentle ladies' breste, and bounteous race Of womankind, in fayrest flowre doth spyre, And beareth fruit of honor and all chast desyre".

Ellwanger On The Rose

By H. B. Ellwanger, New York; Dodd, Mead & Co. This is not as large a work as others which have appeared on the rose before. It will not supplant, but it will very well supplement them. There is always something new in rose culture, and with this new book the rose lover and rose grower have the latest news from rose land. The practical directions on rose growing are very full and plainly told. To us the special novelty of the work is the complete history of the most popular roses. The name of the originator and the year of the rose's birth is given. Such a history adds very much to the interest of rose growing.

Mr. Shirley Hib-berd, in his Gardener's Magazine, has a kindly appreciation of Mr. H. B. Ellwanger's excellent little work on the rose. He says: "Mr. Ellwanger has hit the happy medium between a big book and a little one, for his neat volume of only 292 pages contains an immense amount of information - all, indeed, that an amateur rosar-ian requires for a full enjoyment of his roses. His book must be regarded as a very necessary addition to the rosarian's library, and we ex pect to see it widely distributed on this side among the ever-augmenting brotherhood of men who love and cultivate the rose".