Tomatoes To The Acre

In Harford County, Maryland, two hundred bushels of tomatoes is considered a fair yield per acre.

Filberts In California

Filberts are grown somewhat extensively in California, but great trouble is found with the worm in the nut. It is the larvae of Curculio nucum.

The Tobacco Crop

It was noted in these columns recently that after a careful investigation as to the influence of tobacco on students, some of the academical bodies of Europe had refused to admit students addicted to its use. Since then an investigation has been had at West Point, with the result that its use is to be hereafter forbidden to the cadets. But we have not heard that there has been a less acreage planted, or that the growers are seriously disturbed about the final disposition of the crop.

Peach Culture In Australia

By the Melbourne papers we learn that, " Peach growing will in this neighborhood soon be a thing of the past. The blight seems worse than ever, and is communicated to plums and apricots growing in the vicinity of the affected trees".

Large Seckel Pears

A correspondent of the Journal of Horticulture makes the astounding statement that he has seen Seckel Pears in Sussex, England, as large as Louise Bonne de Jersey, and he writes of Winter Nelis as if it be smaller than the Seckel.

Substitute For Coffee

Substitutes for tea and coffee have not been great successes. Nothing has replaced the originals in popular estimation. It is said that an African tree, Stercu-lia acuminata, is the most promising of all proposed substitutes. It has more caffeine than coffee - but whether public taste is equal to the chemists' report, remains to be seen.

The Rogers' Grapes

It is remarkable how long these old varieties hold their own. Three that have been somewhat neglected are rising in popular estimation. These are Lindley, Herbert and Gaertner.

Cherry Stocks

It is found by experience all the stronger growing cherries do as well at least, and many better, when growing on the Mahaleb Stock; but the Early Richmond, Morellos, and others of that class, have finer and more abundant fruit on the Mazzard wherever the soil is suited to the Mazzard stock.

Pine Apples

The Pine Apples we buy as imported from the West Indies are cut before maturity. Few persons know how enjoyable a truly ripe Pine Apple is. This is one advantage of cultivating them. In our country it is not near so difficult to grow them as in Europe. Their culture ought to be more common. We pen these lines after viewing some fairly grown specimens on exhibition at the April meeting of the Germantown Horticultural Society.