"G.M.," Rochester. N. Y., writes: "Mr. Meehan says in the Monthly that the ' tree peddlers are an unmitigated nuisance;' yet our 'tree peddlers,' as he calls them, are neither slandercus nor do they ever favor new customers at the expense of the old. But you charge old subscribers full subscription price for the magazine, while they can send a new one for $1.60. I fail to see the justice of this arrangement".

[The publisher places the above in the editor's box. "G. M." is mistaken all through.

1st. The Gardener's Monthly does not regard the tree peddler as an unmitigated nuisance. On the contrary, he regards the honest and upright tree agent as one of the most useful members of the community.

2nd. The publisher does take $2.10 from new as well as from old subscribers. He makes no difference between new or old, but when an old subscriber takes the trouble to hunt up a new subscriber, and has all the trouble of collecting the money, correspondence, and so forth, he gives the old subscriber - not the new one - fifty cents for his trouble. - Ed. G. M].