Tree Planting In China

Six hundred acres were to be planted in Hong Kong last year. Pinus sinensis is the species employed.

Tree Planting In Kansas

The six hundred acres of forests planted by Messrs. Douglas & Son, near Fort Scott, have proved to be a complete success, and they are now planting five hundred acres more. They will have 1,360,000 trees planted before April 1,1883.

Ailanthus Silk Worms

We have heard it stated that silk worms fed on osage orange leaves soon get sick ; but Professor Riley says that he has fed them for eleven years successively, and kept them in good health.

Californian Chestnut Oak For Leather

The Lumber World says this is the most popular tree in California for tan bark.

Tree Planting In Canada

Some of those who took an active part in the Montreal Forestry Congress have a practical knowledge of tree planting. Hon. M. Joly has set out 10,000 black walnut trees.

Tree Planting In Nebraska

Last spring saw many thousands of trees set out in Nebraska. Mr. Charles S. Perry set out 12 000, about three miles from Lincoln, Nebraska, all of which went through the summer superbly.

Insects On Timber Trees

It is well known that some insects prefer to feed on rotten or decaying wood, but it seems strange in these days that any should contend that all trees are diseased before an insect will attack them. Yet there were arguments on both sides at the Forestry Congress at Montreal.

White Frost Near Paris

The Revue Horti-cole notes the unusual earliness of white frost around Paris - September 13, 14 and 15 - and asks is this an indication of an early and severe winter? In America where we are accustomed to all sorts of extremes, it would not be so considered.

The First Fuchsia

The genus Fuchsia was so named by Plumier in 1703. He found the plant in San Domingo - and it was called by Linnaeus, Fuchsia triphylla; the later Fuchsia tri-phylla of Humboldt, Bonpland and Kunth being another plant, as shown by a recent memoir of Mr. W. B. Hemsley. Strange to say this original species has only recently been introduced to the notice of English cultivators through the enterprise of Mr. Thomas Hogg, of New York.

Another Sheep Killer

Among the enormous number of plants reported to be " poisonous to sheep" must now be added Melanthera hastata, a pretty Southern weed allied to the Zinnia, which F. L Dancy says, in the Florida Dispatch, is a "deadly poison to sheep".

The Ailanthus Silk Worm

This was introduced from France to America, about the beginning of the war, by the late Dr. Thomas Stewardson, and is now quite naturalized on ailanthus trees about Philadelphia.