Value Of Worms

Dr. Storer of Harvard University, has entered the list against Darwin's views of the value of the earth worm. He concludes a long paper in the Country Gentleman, by asserting that though they may sometimes do good, they may also work to cause sterility.

Raspberry, Reder

This is of unknown origin, at least it was seen to be something different from the rest in a bed of some kind, at Bayview, Mich. It has some repute in the Chicago markets.

The American Wonder Pea

This variety introduced by the Messrs. Bliss, is holding its ground admirably in England, where the pea is a standard crop, and good varieties in constant demand.

Strawberries In Michigan

According to recent reports, the most popular strawberries in the State are Wilson and Crescent. The Michigan Farmer suggests they are popular because they are the "Lazyman's " varieties.

Mulberries For Chickens

The fruit ripening and falling so long in succession, makes the tree an excellent one for planting in chicken yards. The birds are very fond of the fruit. The White Mulberry or perhaps the everbearing sorts, will be the best to have.

New Work On Forestry

Dr. Franklin B. Hough, United States Commissioner of Forestry, is preparing a work concisely . outlining the general subjects of Forestry in America.

Timber Planting Along Railroad Lines

The newspapers say that Burlington and Cedar Rapids Railroad Company is planting trees along the line of their road, between Muscatine and Nichols. In the East the railroads are cutting trees away from their tracks, because of the tendency to fire which the collected leaves and dead branches excite.

Timber Duration In Iowa

Professor Bessey believes timber is less durable in Iowa than elsewhere, and that the abundant presence of the dry rot fungus is the cause thereof.

Timber Culture In Australia

It is proposed in South Australia that a block of 200,000 acres be reserved for systematic tree planting, and that in the first year $70,000 be expended upon it, and in each of the eleven following years $52,500, a total expense of $650,000. After the first five years it is estimated there would be a revenue from periodical thinnings of $175,000, and in twenty-one years they would possess 310 square miles of forest.

Wright's Sycamore

This, the Platanus Wrightii, first found by Charles Wright on the Mexican Boundary Survey in 1851-2, was seen by Mr. Lemmon on the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Tuczon, Arizona, on his recent trip. It is rather smaller than other species of Plane. They were about ten or fifteen feet in circumference.