The daily papers say that:

" No little concern is felt by persons interested in the harbor accommodations of Lake Ontario by reason of the assured fact that the level of the lake has fallen steadily, and in a marked degree, for many years. The records have been accurately kept, and leave no room for doubt. Many wharfs in many ports were formerly accessible to vessels which cannot now come near them. The entrance to the harbor of Toronto has been kept open only by means of thorough dredging, and now, when rock bottom has been reached, there is scarcely enough water to float the largest of the vessels which seek to pass. Various explanations for the subsidance of the water have been offered, but none of them seems to be adequate".

In these cases geological reasons are usually satisfactory. A change in the streams which flow underground, make a great difference in the flow of a lake. But it will be in order to have the above paragraph in the next treatise on forestry.