So many catalogues are beautiful, it is difficult to signal one more than another for any special excellence. But a rare picture of beauty is on the back page of Richardson's Catalogue of Poses, designed and executed, as it seems, by a Louisville artist. The vine, which is made to climb over the balcony, is so perfectly drawn, that any one can distinguish it as the beautiful Kentucky plant, Ampe-lopsis bipinnata. By the way, we call Ampelop-sis Virginica, Virginia creeper, and the people have already named Ampelopsis Veitchii, Japan creeper, - it would not be surprising if Ampelopsis bipinnata should become a "Kentucky creeper." It is a very beautiful vine, and deserves to be more generally grown. It does not adhere to the wall by suckers, as the other two do, but has tendrils like a grapevine.