Not long since we took occasion to note the wonderful amount of good Col. Wilder was doing, for one of his years, in the cause of horticulture and agriculture. He seems never to tire. Before us now is a Boston paper with a long account of a public meeting in behalf of the Mass. Agricultural College. The account says : - "The announcement that an Agricultural Institute was to be held in the city of Boston, and that such speakers as President Chadbourne, of the Agricultural College, and the Hon. Marshall P. Wilder would address the meeting, struck a responsive chord everywhere among the promoters of ' Agricultural Education.' And notwithstanding the severe inclemency of the weather on the day appointed for the gathering, the hall of the New England Agricultural Society was well filled at an early hour with the most remarkable collection of representative men ever convened at an Agricultural Institute".

We need scarcely say that Col. Wilder's speech was full of his old-time enthusiasm, and his many friends can only wish that his emphatic " once more" may yet be oft repeated.