English journals have a good deal to say about a new disease which has recently broken out among peaches, and which they call "the yellows." As it has always been stated that what Americans call "the yellows" does not exist in England, it may be as well to note here that what they now call by this name is not the American disease. It is thus described in the London Journal of Horticulture : "The trees were afflicted in many instances with the 'yellows' - that is to say, the points of the young growths were yellow instead of a dark healthy green color. This may be thought a rather singular name for a complaint, but those who are acquainted with the symptoms know the crops obtained from such trees are of comparatively little value till these same 'yellows' are prevented. The trees when in this condition, unless too far gone, flower freely and set good crops of fruit, which appear to stone well, but the majority drop when apparently near perfection."

In order to prevent confusion it will be best to call their trouble "English yellows" when we are referring to it.