In Celebration of this Magazine's Twenty-fifth Year of Usefulness.

The rosy-tinted morning has dispell'd the shades of night; His quick'ning beams the warm sun threw , in golden rays so bright; Early in creation's dawn, when Nature saw the light.

Gardening, the first pursuit, e'en since the world began, Amused the famous Homo, the historic primal man; Roseate, seem'd the new-born world, baptized in vernal showers, Delights sprung up on every side, with Eve among the flowers; Eve, angelic maid, who first assayed the charmer's part, Naively, coy and beautiful, enthralled her Adam's heart. Eden's leafy garden then, celestially serene, Refulgent, gay and gladsome, was a paradisic scene; Such was the fragrant flow'ry spot, so blissful, yet terrene.

Marred by mischance, weeds began t' usurp the place of flower--. Oh sad the change it brought about in Eden's happy bowers! No more could sweets be gather'd then, without severest toil, To labor's curse consigned was man, to cultivate the soil. Happily, rich rewards still yield, to delving spade and plow; Life's hopes remain to cheer us on, though sweat may damp the brow; Yet just so much of Eden's left, to make us happy now.