I would like to recommend to all lovers of beautiful fragrant flowers the Bouvardias Humboldtii and candidissima. They are such clean handsome-looking plants and their fragrance will perfume a room. A. Neuner is beautiful, but if I could have but one shoot I would choose one of the former. They are all profuse bloomers. Will some kind reader of the Monthly please inform me how to propagate them? Also the best way of heating a very small plant-room? If anyone has succeeded in using a coal oil stove for the purpose, please state the kind.

[Bouvardias are raised by making cuttings of. pieces of the roots about this time of the year. The small plants are set out in May, and make strong blooming plants by fall.

There is so much uncertainty about the best way to heat small rooms or plant-houses, that we should be glad if some reader who has had actual experience would reply to the lady's question. - Ed. G. M.]