The collection at Fairmount Park deserves more than the passing notice of the daily papers. On a recent visit we found them to comprise probably the grandest collection in America. We believe it embraces nearly two hundred varieties, some having flowers actually six inches across, and others as small as an English daisy. There was also every conceivable shade of white, pink, yellow, red, and purple among them. The plants were remarkably well grown, being trained up to single stems, but pinched back in their earlier growth stages to make them bushy. Some were three feet high, and nearly as wide. The Gardener, Mr. Minguey, is justly proud of his success as a grower of Chrysanthemums. The grand display is made in one of the large houses devoted to bedding plants in the spring. The effect on Chrysanthemum culture in Philadelphia is very marked, and the florists who grow Chrysanthemums have been more than usually patronized.

Fairmount Park, comprising 2200 acres, is so large that the money for maintenance and improvement would form but a thin spread if laid over the whole. The plan of the landscape gardener, Mr. C. H. Miller, to have at least a few points very superior, is a very good one. His beds of foliage plants in high keeping, have been highly praised by the citizens the past few seasons, and this effort with the Chrysanthemum has been another illustration of the value of doing at least some things well.