It is now some six or seven years since the Japan Persimmon was first introduced into Mobile by distributions made by the United States Commissioner of Agriculture-. It has fruited three or four years in succession in the vicinity of Mobile and Pensacola, and found to do well there. Mr. Delchamps has a flourishing orchard in the lower part of the county, and Mr. Langdon has another in the upper part. Mr. D., who is perhaps the pioneer, in experimenting with this new fruit, says that he has three hundred trees, all doing well, and Mr. L. has about one-third as many - his orchard including no less than thirteen varieties, namely, Tanenashi, Hiakume, Nihon, Hatsiga, Yamato, Kurokuma, Royal, Daidaimara, Mikado, Gosho, Goshomara, Imperial and Mino.