It was my brother Henry who has received a long deserved distinction by his recent promotion to the Legion d' honneur, of which your most devoted servant is not a member, and will not be for a good many years yet, if he must earn as many times the reward as his brother has, before he was promoted.

I will acknowledge your kind mention of my name, by a piece of interesting intelligence for the readers of the Gardeners' Monthly. Our French National Society of Horticulture are studying the project of an international show, to take place in Paris in May, 1884. The affair is not quite decided upon yet, as the society is not wealthy enough to take the necessary expenses upon themselves, and co-operation from the Government, City of Paris, etc, secured to them. Still there are a good many chances that the scheme will result into the successful achievement of the long thought of idea. Will you kindly insert a few lines in your exhaustive paper, merely relating the fact as an on dit. No international exhibition of horticulture is yet announced for the spring of '84, that I know of, and it is important to us to let people know that something is contemplated in Paris.

[As our readers will no doubt perceive, the above was not intended for publication just as received, but it contains so much that is of interest to us all, that we are sure of pardon for giving it just as it is to our readers. - Ed. G. M.]